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    Product List
    Screw and barrel of infection machine
    Screw of blown film
    Shoemaking Screw
    barrel and screw of rubber machine
    Plate sheet extruder screw machine barre
    electric wire electric cable special screw
    the low smoke,zero halogen screw
    PP,PE high-speed extrder Screw machine barrel
    Injection molding machine machine tube,Screw
    Bimetallic screw and barrel
    Parallel twin screw and barrel
    conical twin screw & barrel

    Contact us
    Zhoushan Huawei mechanical Co., Ltd.
    Address£º No. 502 West Xing Zhou Road, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, China
    Site£º www.shreenandita.com
    About us

    Zhoushan Huawei is locaed in the biggest screw and barrel production base,in the beautiful scenery Dinghai District,Zhoushan city,Zhejiang Province.It is a specialized manufacturer for each kind of casting machines, extruding machines,crews&barrel and theirappendix.

    Our crews and barrel strictly select the high quality 38CrMoAI alloy steel as the material,they`veundergone quenching,nitriding,roasting(bimetal screw and barrel),advanced heat treatment and a special purpose machine processing, which guarantees our products precision,high quality,longer service life ,good resistance and high anti-corrosive performance.Our company also provides mapping,designing,transformation and batch processing service..We`ll fully utilize our screw desigh experience to provide our customers a high quality product with lowest costs!

    After many years of diligently innovation and absorption of the domestic and foreigh advanced processing technology in screws and barrel,we`ve got abundant technical force in processing each king of screw and barrel,meanwhile we`ve have an entire set of perfect quality control system to quarantee our product use with out extra worries.Our products proliferated over all the country and are approved by multitudinous domestic famous modeling machine factoreis.In the intensive market competition,we`ll pursue unceasingly and diligently to make every effort to satisfies the domestic and foreign demands with the newest ideas and the advanced technical equipments.

    We`ll continue to serve the cutomers enthusiacally,pursue unceasingly for perfect product quality and to establish a domestic and foreigh good brands prestige.

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